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Time magazine cover story on the first 9 months of life

I thought the recent Time magazine cover story on “How the first nine months shape the rest of your life”,8599,2020815,00.html was quite interesting. I don’t know anything about the field of fetal origins discussed in the article. I was struck, though, by the  assumption that the life of a human being begins ninth months prior to […]

University Faculty for Life/2011 Conference

The Call for Papers for the 2011 University Faculty for Life annual meeting/conference was just issued. (See the ad on page 72 of the October 2010 issue of First Things.) The 2011 conference will be at the University of Notre Dame on June 10-11, 2011. The keynote speaker and the recipient of the Smith Award for […]

International Law and the Right to Life

Here is a link to John Keown’s review of Rita Joseph’s book “Human Rights and the Unborn Child.” Here is a link to the book. As Professor Keown points out, advocates of abortion rights have been trying to develop a recognition of a right to abortion in international law. (See the article by Richard Wilkins and Jacob […]

abortion and military facilities

Bill Saunders has a good analysis of this issue. See Richard M.

prenatal testing and down syndrome

Wesley Smith has an interesting post entitled “Mothers Refusing Prenatal Testing to Protect Babies with Down.” Smith’s post focuses on a recent article in the New York Times by Amy Julia Becker on “Why Prenatal Testing Harms as Much as it Helps.” Becker’s reflection is particularly poignant. She talks about how prenatal testing is often […]

Update on the litigation involving the funding of embryonic stem cell research

Courtesy of the Culture of Life Foundation, here is an analysis of the litigation involving the Obama Administration’s policy with regard to funding embryonic stem cell research. Richard M.