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Jewish Pro-Life Foundation

Colleagues who need information about Judaism’s view on the life issue of abortion may find the website of the Jewish Pro-life Federation helpful:

Hospice Patients Alliance

Colleagues involved in research affecting the terminally ill may be interested in the following initiative.  Jane St. Clair, author of Walk Me to Midnight (Waterford, VA: Capstone Fiction, 2007) writes that the Hospice Patients Alliance “has sent over 500 emails to candidates for Senate and US House of Representatives, asking for their views on assisted suicide and how […]

John Finnis on the moral status of the unborn child

Rick Garnett’s recent post ( on the Mirror of Justice blog, refers to the remarks of John Finnis at the recent Princeton conference. Here is a link to Finnis’s remarks, , which are well worth reading. Richard M.

Infanticide in Brazil

Persons interested in examining the issue of infanticide (the killing of newborn children) in Brazil can visit This site includes the documentary “Breaking the Silence” (in which Brazilian Indians from many tribes speak out against infanticide), another short movie “Acaua-The Right to Life,” and “Infanticide Account by Kamiru” (a narrative of a child saved […]

Komen Foundation and abortion

That the Komen Foundation supports abortion groups like Planned Parenthood is well-known among many.  Colleagues may be interested to view recent research into donations from Komen to Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion group in the United States.  See Responses from pro-life academics are  imperative at this time of year, when students and faculty feel compelled to […]

Pro-life news services

In answer to faculty and student inquiries, persons who wish to receive accurate news information on the life issues of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia may subscribe to daily email alerts from ( and LifeSiteNews (  Although the latter is based in Canada, it offers not only American, but also international news.