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UFL subgroup formed on LinkedIn

A subgroup for pro-life academics has been created on LinkedIn.  The “University Faculty for Life” subgroup within Pro-Life Professionals has two essential purposes: 1. to monitor studies produced in various academic fields and to respond to anti-life statements in those works and 2. to encourage colleagues who engage in research and scholarly activity.  UFL members […]

Baltimore law targeting pregnancy aid centers held unconstitutional

Here is a link to a LifeNews story on an encouraging ruling from a federal judge that held unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds a Baltimore law that targeted pregancy aid centers. On January 11, 2011, I posted a link to an article by Professor Mark Rienzi (from CUA law school) addressing this topic. This decision is […]

Michael New’s comment on NEJM study on abortion-mental health link

Here is a link to Michael New’s comment on a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine. The study released by the NEJM allegedly refutes the link between abortion and an increased risk of mental health problems. New explains the flaws in the NEJM study. New’s comment also includes a link to a Priscilla Coleman’s […]

March for Life 2011

The March for Life this last Monday was a great success, and a testimony to the growing appeal of the culture of life to young people. The event was ignored by a lot of the media. See this LifeNews story. Here is a link to a story in the Washington Post.  Here is a link […]

Vermont bill to legalize assisted suicide has major flaws

Here is Wesley Smith’s commentary on some of the problems with a Vermont bill that would legalize assisted suicide. Richard M.

“Across Country, Lawmakers Push Abortion Curbs”

That’s the headline of a New York Times article from Jan. 21, 2011.  The November elections brought pro-life gains in many states and this has improved the climate for pro-life legislation. Richard M.