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Obama Administration revises conscience regs

Here is the LifeNews story on the Obama Adminstration’s new conscience regulations. Here is Rob Vischer’s analysis on Mirror of Justice. Richard M.

Live Action, Planned Parenthood, and the Morality of Lying

There has been a lot of discussion about Live Action’s videos that reveal some shocking practices by Planned Parenthood staffers. On the Public Discourse website, Christopher Tollefsen has criticized Live Action’s practices. Others, including Christopher Kaczor, have defended Live Action’s approach. While admitting that this is a very difficult issue, I am inclined to think Tollefsen has […]

comments on the life issues in John Updike’s last book

Here, courtesy of Frank Zapatka, are some reflections on passages in John Updike’s last book that address the life issues. Richard M. Here are Frank’s comments– The late John Updike (1931-2009) makes several casual references to life issues in five stories in his last book, My Father’s Tears and Other Stories (NY: Knopf, 2009). As […]

Celia Wolf-Devine: scholarship on the life issues

Students who desire a deeper understanding of the philosophical bases of the life issues and academics who wish to demonstrate the diversity of perspectives within the pro-life movement may want to review Dr. Celia Wolf-Devine’s website:

Bioethics in Clinical Care

Dr. Andrew Trew will conduct a series of five workshops titled “Bioethics in Clinical Care” in the metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio area February 16 and 23 and March 2, 16, and 23.  Participants can earn ten CME/CEU credits.  Topics include bioethics consultations, treatment decisions, competent and incompetent patients, early life and end of life care, advanced […]

debate on the constitutionality of fetal pain legislation

See you the links below for discussion of the constitutionality of legislation banning abortion to prevent fetal pain. Paul Linton recently published an article in the Human Life Review, , arguing that laws such as Nebraska’s recently passed statute are misguided because such laws have little chance of being upheld in the courts. Mary Balch has […]