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Bioethics in Clinical Care

Dr. Andrew Trew will conduct a series of five workshops titled “Bioethics in Clinical Care” in the metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio area February 16 and 23 and March 2, 16, and 23.  Participants can earn ten CME/CEU credits.  Topics include bioethics consultations, treatment decisions, competent and incompetent patients, early life and end of life care, advanced […]

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debate on the constitutionality of fetal pain legislation

See you the links below for discussion of the constitutionality of legislation banning abortion to prevent fetal pain. Paul Linton recently published an article in the Human Life Review, , arguing that laws such as Nebraska’s recently passed statute are misguided because such laws have little chance of being upheld in the courts. Mary Balch has […]

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House to consider two important pro-life bills

This week, the House will consider two important pro-life bills– “The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” and the “Protect Life Act.” Here is a story from the National Right to Life News. Richard M.

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New gendercide video available

All Girls Allowed has issued a new video about gendercide (the killing of female unborn and newborn children) as practiced in the People’s Republic of China.  Please consult its website:

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India’s Terri Schiavo case?

On the European Life Network blog, Pat Buckley has an interesting post about a case in India that raises some of the same issues presented in the Terri Schiavo case. The case involves Aruna Shanbaug who has been seriously disabled since 1973. One interesting twist is that the effort to have Ms. Shanbaug’s feeding halted comes from a […]

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Mark Rienzi’s paper on the right to refuse to do abortions

Courtesy of Rob Vischer and the Mirror of Justice blog, here is a post on Mark Rienzi’s article on health care providers’ right to refuse to perform abortions. Mark takes a novel approach. He argues that cases such as Planned Parenthood v. Casey and Lawrence v. Texas provide support for the refusal to perform abortions. […]


Joseph Bottum’s analysis of the Gosnell arraignment

Here is Joseph Bottum’s analysis of the Gosnell arraignment. Bottum explains that these revelations shouldn’t really have been a surprise. As Bottum writes– “Ever since the Supreme Court issued its Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, ending states’ power to outlaw abortion and making it instead an individual right, abortion has distorted American law and snarled […]

Colleges and Universities Conferences

Report on the 12th annual Cardinal O’Connor conference at Georgetown

Here is an article from the National Right to Life Committee on the 12th annual Cardinal O’Connor conference at Georgetown University. The conference attracted over 500 attendees. There was a tremendous line-up of speakers at the conference and the student organizers deserve much credit . Richard M.