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Life & Learning XVIII is now available

Life & Learning XVIII is now available on the University Faculty for Life website, and will be available in a print version soon. See These papers are from the 2008 University Faculty for Life conference at Marquette. Thanks to Father Koterski for his work in editing this volume. This volume includes papers by (in order of […]

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Ave Maria Law Review publishes symposium on conscience

The Ave Maria Law Review (Vol. 9; Issue 1)(2010) has just published a symposium on “The Future of Rights of Conscience in Health Care.” The symposium grew out of a conference that Lynn Wardle (BYU) and I organized. The conference was generously supported by University Faculty for Life and was also sponsored by the J. Reuben […]

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study demonstrates that parental notice laws reduce abortion rates

Michael New recently published a study that demonstrates that parental notice laws reduce abortion rates by 15%. Richard M.

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symposium on end-of-life issues

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network is sponsoring a symposium on end-of-life issues on March 31, 2011. The symposium, which will be held at Ave Maria School of Law, is entitled “The Erosion of Medical Ethics.” Here is a link to the Lifenews story on the symposium. Richard M.

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recent AP story on new abortion legislation

Here is a report (“Wave of anti-abortion bills advance in the states”) from the Associated Press on new legislation restricting abortion. Richard M.

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reflections on a short story by Joyce Carol Oates

Courtesy of Frank Zapatka (Emeritus Professor at American U), here are some reflections on a short story by Joyce Carol Oates. Joyce Carol Oates, non-practicing Catholic, self-professed atheist, friend of fellow Princeton faculty member Peter Singer, prolific fiction and non-fiction writer and a 2010 National Humanities medalist, published in 2009 a short story collection titled […]

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Recent South Dakota legislation/3-day waiting period and counseling requirements

Here are a couple of reports on the legislation recently signed in South Dakota. The law, which is to go into effect in July, requires a 3 day waiting period and also requires that women seeking an abortion receive counseling at crisis pregnancy centers. Here is the Lifenews report. Here is a report from the […]

Abortion Philosophy

More praise for Chris Kaczor’s book on the abortion

In a prior post, I mentioned Chris Kaczor’s excellent new book entitled “The Ethics of Abortion.”  See Here is a review of the book by Raymond Hain from The Public Discourse website. In Hain’s view, “Kaczor’s clear and even-handed writing makes it an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to think carefully about the significant […]


Wesley Smith on the New Eugenics

Here is an interesting post from Wesley Smith on “The New Eugenics.” Smith’ post is a commentary on a recent article in an Australian paper describing the views of Oxford’s Julian Salvulescu, who believes that there is a moral obligation to use IVF to breed smarter babies. Richard M.

Conscience protection

recent essays on conscience

Here are two recent essays on conscience. One (The Progressive Case for Conscience Protection) is by Rob Vischer on The Public Discourse website. The other (ACLU Has Major Misunderstanding of Abortion Conscience Law) is by Matt Bowman. Richard M.