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The Death of Roe v. Wade

That is the title of a recent Slate piece by Dahlia Lithwick. See The piece has to be read to be be believed. Lithwick complains that Roe is no longer a binding precedent, because opponents and supporters of abortion rights don’t treat the case as the law of the land. The result she says is […]

abortion bans to prevent fetal pain may not be challenged

Here is a LifeNews story that discusses the prospect that abortion rights groups may not challenge laws in Nebraska and other states that ban abortion to prevent fetal pain. Richard M.

Bill Saunders comment on the UN and abortion rights

Here is a commentary by Bill Saunders on an action by the UN to honor the Center for Reproductive Rights. Saunders notes that the characterization of the Center as a supporter of human rights depends on the errroneous assumption that abortion is a human right.  Richard M.

Euthanasia case to be heard by Canadian court

Here is a link to the Life News story on the Rasouli case that will be heard by a Canadian court next month. The Rasouli case involves an important issue concerning whether doctors need consent before withdrawing life sustaining medical treatment. Richard M.

UFL Scholarly Achievement Award for 2011

The deadline for University Faculty for Life’s Scholarly Achievement Award in Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, or Research is quickly approaching.  Thanks to generous anonymous donors, the prize amounts for this year’s contest have been doubled.  Two documents about the contest are available for your use: a flyer suitable for newsletter reproduction and another document which […]

2011 International Summer Course in Women’s Studies

The Culture of Life Foundation will conduct the 2011 International Summer Course in Women’s Studies June 14-23 in Cazenovia, New York.  Interested persons may contact Karen Stein ( or consult the website (