Archive for May 2011

Update on embryo-destructive research

Here is a very useful update (by Christian Brugger) on recent legal developments relating to embryo-destructive research. Richard M.

Prenatal Testing Sham

Here is a LifeNews story (first published on the Public Discourse website) on the use of prenatal testing to abort disabled babies. Richard M.

2011 Conference Schedule available

The conference schedule is now posted on the University Faculty for Life website. See The conference, which will be held on June 10-11, 2011 at the University of Notre Dame, is being supported by a very generous grant from Our Sunday Visitor Institute. Conference speakers include David Solomon, Sam Calhoun, John Breen, Tom Cavanaugh, Michael New, Teresa […]

Wesley Smith comment on suicide obsession

Here is an interesting item from Wesley Smith entitled “Modern Suicide Obsession a Troubling Sign of Nihilistic Times.” Richard M.

Encouraging Gallup Survey on Abortion

Here is a National Right to Life News story on an encouraging Gallup poll on attitudes on abortion. Here is Wesley Smith’s comment on the survey. Richard M.

Melissa Clouthier’s column on “aborting imperfection”

Here is a powwrful column by Melissa Clouthier on aborting children with disabilities. Richard M.