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Registration now open for V Pro-Life World Congress

The Organizing Committee for the V Prolife World Congress has announced the opening of registration for this important event, to be held in San José, Costa Rica from October 28 to 30, 2011. Past Congresses were held in Madrid (2003), Lima (2005), Mexico (2007), and Saragossa (2009). The activity will be held at the Universidad […]

SSRN Access to Scholarly Papers

A valuable (and free!) interdisciplinary resource for academic research is the Social Science Research Network. It contains almost 350,000 abstracts and 280,000 manuscripts of scholarly articles in the areas of health, legal, political, philosophy, and rhetoric. I use it often to find the newest articles on a subject. An example of what you might find […]

How Long Should We Fund Hospice Care?

John Keown’s presentation on palliative care at this year’s UFL Conference established the need for the prolife movement to ensure the availability of palliative care. Hospice care is a critical piece, but a new report questions how long hospice care should be funded by taxpayers.

American Preference for Boys

A new Gallup poll asked a random sample of 1,020 American adults whether they’d prefer to have a girl or a boy if they could only chose one. Forty percent said they prefer a boy, 28 percent said they would want a girl, and the rest didn’t mind either way or weren’t sure.  This survey is […]

A response to the prevalent campus hook-up culture

Here is an interesting development at Catholic University of America, noted in the Washington Times recently. This Fall, CUA will institute single-sex dorms in an attempt to foster a more wholesome environment for meaningful relations between the sexes:;email. Certainly, this is far preferable to the current alchohol-drenched milieu which prevails on too many campuses. The current environment inures […]

First Things Blog comments on UFL Conference and blog

Congratulations to Richard Stith in having his comment on defunding Planned Parenthood picked up on the First Things Blog.  The blog also had some nice things to say about our annual conferences.