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US Catholic Bishops to discuss a document on assisted suicide

Here is a LifeNews story on a new document opposing assisted suicide that the US Catholic bishops will conider at a meeting in mid-June.  This is a welcome development. After the major public battles on the issue in the mid-1990s, this issue has to some extent flown under the radar. Richard M.

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campaign to target gendercide

Here is LifeNews story on the launch of a campaign to target gendercide–the practice of eliminating girls through sex-selection abortion and infanticide. The campaign highlights the growing gender imbalance in countries such as China and India. Richard M.

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Frank Zapatka post on a mystery by Ralph McInerny

As we get ready for our upcoming University Faculty for Life conference at Notre Dame, it seemed appropriate to post this comment by Frank Zapatka on one of Ralph McInerny’s Notre Dame mysteries. Here is Frank’s comment– Ralph McInerny’s Lack of the Irish (1998) Lack of the Irish (1998), the second of McInerny’s thirteen  mysteries […]

Assisted suicide Euthanasia

Jack Kevorkian Dies in Hospital at 83

Here is the LifeNews story on the death of Jack Kevorkian. Kevorkian killed more than 100 people through assisted suicide. He was convicted for the killing of Thomas  Youk and spent years in prison before being released in 2007. He was a deeply troubled man who was sympathetically treated by the media for many years. Here is […]