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Website opposing Physician-Assisted Suicide

Massachusetts Citizens for Life provide links to a new website with thoughtful commentary on physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia, “Choice” is an Illusion. The site is run by an elder law attorney, and her practical experience in the area shows. Another good website on euthanasia is the Nightingale Alliance and Wesley Smith’s blog, Secondhand Smoke, often […]

Understanding Virginia’s New Abortion Clinic Regulations

The Virginia Department of Health has invited public comment on proposed regulations of abortion clinics in that state. UFL member, Michael New, has posted a brief comment on the proposed clinic regulations on NRO. This is an opportunity for our members to assist in the formation of sound public policy. You can find the proposed […]

Healthcare Reform and Utilitarian Ethics

Yuval Levin discusses the two approaches to healthcare reform today in Help the Sick and Reduce the Debt: The Moral Economy of the Health-Care Debate on Public Discourse blog. He describes the Democratic proposal as one focused on expanding availability of health insurance through government programs, which they argue will reduce costs through bringing greater […]

Abortion and Family Solidarity

UFL member, Richard Stith, has posted a new article, Anti-choice: When Having a Choice Diminishes Family Solidarity, on SSRN. Richard argues that the availability of abortion causes many family members to reject or reduce support for women who continue their pregnancies in difficult circumstances because “it is their choice.” He notes a similar effect when […]

more on selective reduction

On the Mirror of Justice blog, here is an excellent post by John Breen. Breen focuses on an analysis by Michael New from NRO. Perhaps the concerned reactions of pro-choice advocates to the NY Times story reveal a natural human response to the taking of an innocent human life. Selective reduction, just as did partial birth […]

“No One Dies Alone”

Here is a very encouraging blog post by Wesley Smith reporting on the “No One Dies Alone” program. The program relies on volunteers to spend time with and to provide support for patients who would otherwise die alone. What a great form of solidarity and of true compassion. Richard M.