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PAS and the Werther Effect: How one suicide leads to others

Legalized PAS and the Werther Effect Evidence suggests that legalized PAS will result in a greater number of suicides more generally (and not simply amongst the population who opt for legalized PAS). We will have great difficulty, on the one hand, giving our and medicine’s approval to suicide as the solution to complex problems at […]

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abortion and mental health

Courtesy of the National Right to Life News, here is a story discussing a new journal article on the link between abortion and mental health. Richard M.

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Assisted Suicide – A New Campaign in Canada

The issue of assisted suicide seemed to have been settled in Canada in 1993 by the Supreme Court decision in the case of Sue Rodriguez. In a five to four decision the Court ruled that the state’s obligation to protect the vulnerable outweighed the rights of individuals to self-determination. Now two new cases, one from British Columbia […]


Refining my post on Abortion, fetal tissue, and rape

A reader of this blog on Facebook expressed concern that my post yesterday, “Abortion, fetal tissue, and rape” was encouraging rape victims to submit to abortions. Let me be clear. My post is not about encouraging rape victims to have abortions. I believe that it takes courage and generosity to continue to carry a child […]

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Abortion and Consistency

Over at the Public Discourse blog, UFL member Chris Kaczor responds to Dennis O’Brien’s argument that prolifers are not serious unless we seek to impose the same criminal penalties for murder and for the performance of an abortion. In Let’s Talk About Abortion: A Reply to Dennis O’Brien Professor Kaczor argues that there are many […]

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Abortion, fetal tissue, and rape

The Washington Post today contains a story about the Spokane police serving the local Planned Parenthood with a warrant to obtain fetal tissue from an abortion obtained by a fifteen-year-old. The DNA sample taken from the tissue will be used to convict or exonerate a man who is accused of statutory rape and who has […]

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Ohio Heartbeat Bill

Ohio newspapers are reporting on a rally planned for today in support of Ohio H.B. 125 , or as it has become known in the press, the “Ohio Heartbeat Bill.” Absent a medical emergency the bill would generally requires a pre-abortion examination to determine if a fetal heartbeat can be detected and prohibit the performance […]

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Liechtenstein rejects legalized abortion and UN pressure

Voters in this small European country rejected a national referendum that would have legalized abortion during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Current law permits abortion only in cases in which the mother’s life is in danger or the mother is under fourteen years-of-age at the time of conception. Women obtaining illegal abortions may be […]

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Interesting chart of abortion laws

Abortion-rights supporters have created an interesting visual illustration of states’ laws on abortion over at Remapping the Debate. The interesting thing about the chart is the ability of readers to adjust the weight given to particular abortion regulations in ranking states on how abortion regulations impact women. For example we know from a variety of […]

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Questions women ask before getting an abortion

RH Reality Check, an abortion-rights blog, features news and commentary that can be quite provocative. For example, one post entitled A Different Type of Sidewalk Counseling provides commentary on what women seeking abortions ask other women who they know have had abortions. The questions the author lists undercuts claims by abortion rights advocates that women […]