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Abortion Clinic Regulation

As the present battles in Kansas and Virginia show, controversies over abortion clinic regulation seem certain to continue.  According to A. Barton Hinkle [Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 4, 2011], conventional labels like “conservative” and “liberal” are not predictive of where one stands on this issue.  “[M]any so-called conservatives believe in limited government everywhere except the uterus.” […]

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Abortion in Egypt

An article in the prochoice Women News Network asserts that many women in Egypt seek abortions to avoid honor killings. The article can be found at Information regarding Egyptian abortion law can be found on the UN website at

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New student law review article on “Death Tourism”

SSRN has a new student article, Exploring the Potential for American Death Tourism. The author discusses the availability of physician assisted suicide in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg, and the possibility that American citizens will travel to these countries to die. He evaluates the enforcement and efficacy of foreign laws prohibiting travel for purposes […]

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New law review article on the “undue burden” standard after Gonzales v. Carhart

SSRN has a new article by Professor Kiahara Bridges, Capturing the Judiciary: Carhart and the Undue Burden Standard. Professor Bridges joined the law faculty by Boston University from the Center for Reproductive Rights, where she was an academic fellow. The fellowship is co-hosted and co-sponsored by Columbia Law School. As an undergraduate student, Professor Bridges […]

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Speakers and schedule for Cardinal O’Connor Prolife Conference

A list of speakers and tenative schedule for the 13th Annual Cardinal O’COnnor Prolife Conference is now available online. The conference will be held at Georgetown University on January 22, 2012. The conference is sponsored by University Faculty for Life, Georgetown University Right to Life, the Georgetown University Knights of Columbus, and the Georgetown University […]

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Commonweal “Can we talk about abortion?”

Rick Garnett over at Mirror of Justice blog has recommended Commonweal’s new story, “Can we talk about abortion?‘ It will come as no surprise to Catholic readers of this blog that none of the three contributors to the article, Dennis O’Brien, Peter Steinfels, and Cathleen Caveny, give a robust defense of the view that innocent […]

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Renewed campaign for assisted suicide

Public Discourse blog has a new posting by Adam MacLeod, Assisted Suicide: the Forgotten Front in the Fight for Life. He mentions the Massachusetts ballot initiative that was certified for the ballot by the state attorney general last week. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine is among the initiative supporters. […]

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Abstracts due for Queen’s Health and Human Rights Conference

Abstract submission closes Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011 for the Queen’s Health & Human Rights Conference Sept 30-Oct 1, 2011, Kingston ON Canada. More information here.

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Call for papers on maternal mortality – submission due this month!

The British based journal, Reproductive Health Matters has issued a call for papers to appear in its May 2012 issue. While this is an unlikely forum for prolife academics, we are all committed to answering the question posed for the May issue, “how can we reduce maternal mortality?” The call for papers can be found […]

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Self-induced abortions and RU-486

The woman challenging the Idaho abortion laws says she brought her lawsuit after a district attorney tried to prosecute her for a self-induce abortion. The charges were dismissed, but form the basis for her claim that she fears injury from the enforcement of the Idaho laws. I have blogged previously about her claims related to […]