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bill would ban sex selection or race-based abortions

Here is a LifeNews story on the Prenatal Nondiscrimintaion Act. The Act, introduced by Trent Franks from Arizona, “would prohibit knowingly performing or financing sex-selection or race-based abortions.” Richard M.

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San Jose Articles used to block right to abortion in Uruguay

Here is an encouraging article from C-Fam about a positive development in Uruguay. There has been a steady push from the abortion rights movement to claim that there is a right to abortion protected by international law. The San Jose Articles (see this post, refute that claim and the Articles have now been […]

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Pope Benedict’s speech on stem cell research

Here is a link to Pope Benedict’s recent speech on stem cell research. The Pope spoke to participants at a conference organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture on this theme– Adult Stem Cells: Science and the Future of Man and Culture. While extolling the promise of scientific research, Pope Benedict emphasized the need to protect […]


“euthanasia is heroin”

Wesley Smith uses this phrase in a post on his blog in which he discusses a proposal by Dutch euthanasia groups to create mobile euthanasia clinics.  As Smith describes the idea:”My point was–and is–that once a culture starts mainlining mercy killing, it will always wants more.” The pattern is seen repeatedly. What starts with a seemingly modest effort soon […]

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Hidden Persuaders

That’s the title of a recent article by Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard. The article’s subtitle is “The unheralded gains of  the pro-life movement.” Barnes describes a series of positive developments: the impact of sonograms, the increasing pro-life sentiment among young people, the rapid increase in pregnancy care centers, etc. At the end of […]


Patients in PVS may be consciously aware

Here is a link to an article in the National Right to Life News on a recent study in the Lancet. The study indicates that patients who have been diagnosed in a persisent vegetative state may be consciously aware. Here is a conclusion from the study: “These findings confirm that a population of patients exists who […]

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What’s “Choice” Got to do with Dutch Euthanasia?

That’s the title of a recent post by Wesley Smith. Smith discusses a recent incident in the Netherlands when a committee of doctors authorized the killing of a patient suffering severe dementia, even though the patient was unable to express her choice to die. This is, as Smith notes, not a new problem but the incident may focus […]


Mississippi personhood amendment rejected

The personhood amendment in Mississippi was rejected by voters. The implications of this vote are not clear. As the New York Times article notes, the personhood amendment effort has split the pro-life movement. Some pro-life groups object to the personhood effort on strategic grounds. Richard M.    

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Nurses’ jobs threatened by their refusal to assist in abortions

Here is a LifeNews report on a lawsuit that was filed by a dozen nurses whose jobs were threatened because they refused to assist in abortions. The suit, brought by lawyers from the Alliance Defense Fund, contends that the nurses’ rights under federal and state were violated by the hospital’s threats. UPDATE: The court issued a temporary […]

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The latest on “brain death”

My post a few months back also mentioned a NCBQ piece on diagnosing death using neurological criteria. The Autumn issue includes a review of what sounds like an interesting and relevant book. Jason T. Eberl reviews Russell DiSilvestro’s Human Capacities and Moral Status (NCBQ 11 [2011]: 596-98). According to the review, DiSilvestro departs from the […]