article in Journal of Medical Ethics supports infanticide

Here is a link to an article in the National Right to Life News discussing an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics supporting infanticide. According to the JME article, since newborns are only “potential persons” they don’t have moral value. Here is commentary from Dave Andrusko, and Wesley Smith. UPDATE: Here is […]

Conscience protection Pharmacies

right to conscience victory in Plan B case

Here is a link to the federal district court opinion in the Storman case. This case, which has been in litigation for nearly 5 years, involves a challenge to a Washington Board of Pharmacy regulation that requires pharmacies to dispense “emergency contraceptives” despite a religious objection to dispensing these drugs. In yesterday’s ruling, the court […]

Abortion Court cases

Alabama Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade

Here is a link to an article on a recent decision by the Alabama Supreme Court in which Justice Parker critiques Roe’s viability standard. The Alabama case did not involve abortion. The case dealt with how to interpret Alabama’s wrongful death statute. Justice Parker’s decision notes the anomaly between how the unborn is treated in […]

Abortion Constitutionality Court cases

Justice Ginsburg: Roe moved too far too fast

Here is an AP story noting Justice Ginsburg’s comments (which she has expressed in the past) that Roe v. Wade “moved too far too fast.” After noting that the Court had other options to adopting the sweeping approach it took in Roe V. Wade, Justice Ginsburg commented: “The court made a decision that made every abortion law in the […]

Abortion Women's health

academics to study impact of abortion on women

Here is a short item by Priscilla Coleman about a new group (WECARE; that will study the impact of abortion on women. Here is her description of the organization: “WECARE is a 501c3 organization newly established to bring together credentialed scientists with a research program on the physical, psychological, and/or relational effects of abortion to […]