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Argentine Supreme Court abortion decision

Here  is a link to a C-Fam story on a recent abortion decision from the Supreme Court of Argentine. The Court found that there was a constitutional right to abortion in the case of rape. This conclusion was based on international law, although not the type of international law actually embodied in a treaty. Rather, the decision was […]

Oklahoma ultrasound law enjoined

Here is a story from the National Right to Life News about a recent decision from an Oklahoma court enjoining Oklahoma’s ultrasound law. Here is additional information and critical analysis about the decision.   Richard M.

House committee approves CIANA

Here is a Lifenews story on the House Judiciary Committee vote to approve the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. The Act would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across state lines to circumvent a state law requiring parental involvement in the minor’s decision to have an abortion. UPDATE: Here is a […]

article by Gaylord and Molony on “A Woman’s Right to Know”

I just saw this new article by Scott Gaylord and Thomas Molony. The article is entitled “Casey and A Woman’s Right to Know: Ultrasounds, Informed Consent, and the First Amendment.” The authors conclude “that the  goverment has broad authority to mandate disclosures designed to inform a woman’s decision about an abortion.” The article contains a very useful […]

Pro-life legislation in the states

Courtesy of the National Right to Life News and Mary Spaulding Balch, here is an encouraging story describing recent pro-life legislation in the states. Richard M.

“Declaring War on Newborns: The disgrace of medical ethics”

That’s the title of an excellent article by Andrew Ferguson. Ferguson critiques the recent article on “After-birth abortion” that has caused such a stir. See Richard M.