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Pro Vita newsletter

I wanted to call attention to the release of Pro Vita, the online newsletter of University Faculty for Life. The newsletter is edited by Dr. Robert Gotcher. The link is to the inaugural issue of this new resource. For many years, UFL’s newsletter was edited by Father Thomas King, SJ and Frank Zapatka. Dr. Gotcher generously […]

abortion and mental health

Here is a link to a recent statement from Dr. Priscilla Coleman on abortion and mental health. The statement addresses recent criticisms of her scholarly work on this topic. Richard m.

House hearing on CIANA

Here is a LifeNews story about today’s hearing on CIANA (the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act). Here is a link to commentary on CIANA from Bill Saunders and Mary Harned. CIANA, according to Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who has introduced CIANA in each Congress since 2005, would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across state […]

Virginia governor signs ultrasound law

Here is a story from about the signing of the Virginia ultrasound law. The bill that Governor McDonnell signed was amended so that transvaginal ultrasounds are not required. Richard M.

disability rights group opposes assisted suicide law in Massachusetts

Here is a link to a post by Wesley Smith discussing the efforts of disability rights organizations to oppose the assisted suicide initiative in Massachusetts. Smith notes: “Media like to portray assisted suicide opponents as primarily religious or pro life.  But the facts don’t fit that supposed story.  Disability rights advocates–who are mostly politically liberal […]

AP story on impact of state restrictions on abortion

Here is a link to an AP story on the impact of state laws restricting abortions. The article notes that state funding bans have had the greatest impact. Richard M.