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The US ought to ban sex-selection abortions

Here’s a good piece by Rebecca Taylor calling for the US to ban sex-selection abortions. Here is the conclusion of the article: “And it is time for sex selection in the U.S. to end. At the minimum we need federal legislation like PRENDA that would make aborting a fetus based on gender a crime. And […]

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Teresa Collett defending Pain-Capable Child Protection Acts

Here is a good article on the Public Discourse website  by Teresa Collett (president of University Faculty for Life) defending Pain-Capable Child Protection Acts. Teresa explains:  “These laws are premised on the idea that an unborn child’s capacity to feel pain, independent of fetal viability, is sufficient to establish the humanity of the child and […]

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good article by Wesley Smith on the bigotry against the disabled

Here is a link to a recent post on Wesley Smith’s blog. Smith links to an article he recently published in the Human Life Review on “the unrepentant bigotry” against people with profound disabilities. Here are the closing paragraphs of the article: “Activists and their supporters who struggle against racism and other forms of discriminatory […]

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“The Constitutional Right Not to Kill”

That’s the title of a new article (link to an abstract below) by Mark Rienzi (Catholic U). Rienzi argues that there is a federal due process right not to be forced to kill. The right arises in a variety of contexts–military operations, capital punishment, assisted suicide, abortion, and self-defense or defense of others. Rienzi doesn’t enter […]


“Murder not the answer to Alzheimer’s”

That’s the title of a recent post by Wesley Smith. Smith was commenting on a good article by David Brooks who discussed a recent murder-suicide. Charles Snelling, who in December had published a moving article about caring for his wife who had Alzheimer’s, murdered his wife and then committed suicide.  It is difficult to comment on such a […]