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October 2012 ProVita Newsletter

I starting to put together the next issue of ProVita.  If anyone has anything to contribute, please e-mail me.  My e-mail address is listed in the previous issues, which can be found here. What are we looking for? News about UFL. News about UFL members and their scholarly and pro-life activities. Calls for papers and announcements […]

Criminal penalties for women who self-abort?

Here is a link to a story in the National Right to Life News about a British women who was sentenced for aborting her own child in the last week of pregnancy. In the US, the Ninth Circuit (on September 11, 2012) held unconstitutional an Idaho law prohibiting self-abortion. Here is commentary from Walter Weber. […]

Call for Papers in First Things

The call for papers for the 23rd annual University Faculty for Life conference is on page 63 of the most recent issue of First Things (October 2012 issue). (The same information is on the UFL website, ) The conference will be at the University of San Francisco on May 31-June1, 2013. Richard M.  

Scholarship and the transformation of the heart

In an election year there is an awful lot of emphasis on the political component of the promotion of the culture of life. The first responsibility of the state is to protect innocent himan life. We long for and strive for the day when the law of the land in American and around the world […]

Pro-life voting

I don’t think that I want to comment one way or the other on the question of whether those who regard abortion as a political issue of the greatest importance should vote for Mitt Romney, or more generally for Republicans, this fall (and in any case I definitely don’t want to do so right now). I […]

Michael Paulsen essay on abortion and rape

Here is a good essay (The Right to Life and the Irrelevance of Rape) by Michael Paulsen. Here is key portion of his argument: “The fact of rape is irrelevant. Rape is tragic, awful, horrible, gut-wrenching—an unspeakable crime of great emotional harm—but rape is essentially irrelevant to the morality of abortion. The issue is […]