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ProVita Electronic Newsletter

The most recent edition of the Provita Electronic Newsletter of the UFL is now available online. Among the features is “Law and Life: the Dignity of Life and the Teaching of Law,” an essay by Lucia H. Silecchia about how one promotes the culture of life within the academic discipline of the law. This is another […]

Roe 40th Symposium

The Witherspoon Institute‘s Public Discourse is beginning a daily symposium commemorating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  Contributors include: Ryan T. Anderson, “On the Fortieth Anniversary of Roe v. Wade: A Public Discourse Symposium” Elise Italiano, “Forty Years Later: It’s Time for a New Feminism” Michael New, “Abortion Promises Unfulfilled” Daniel K. Williams, “The Real Reason […]

“Pew Poll on Abortion Absurdly Inaccurate”

That’s the title of a good commentary from the National Right to Life News on the recent Pew poll on abortion. Richard M.

Beckwith on Roe at 40, part 2

The second installment of Frank Beckwith’s analysis of the Roe decision has been posted on The Catholic Thing web page. In this part, Beckwith address two components of Blackmun’s opinion, “(1) the argument from the claim that the fetus is protectable under the Fourteenth Amendment if it is in fact a person, and (2) the […]

Hadley Arkes to speak in North Carolina on Roe v Wade Anniversary

Thomas International is sponsoring a pair of talks by Hadley Arkes, Edward N. Ney Professor in American Institutions (Political Science) at Anherst College on Jan. 22. 12:00 p.m., “Natural Law, Abortion, and the Crisis of Conservative Jurisprudence” at the Duke Law School in Durham, NC 8:00 p.m., “The Endgame on Abortion: Where Are We Now?” University of North […]

Alabama Supreme Court ruling protects unborn children

Here is a link to a recent (January 11, 2013) ruling from the Alabama Supreme Court holding that the state’s chemical endangerment of a child law applies to protect unborn children.  The ruling came in two cases involving two women whose use of illegal drugs while pregnant caused harm to their unborn children. An […]