Time Magazine and abortion

According to LifeNews.com, Time is running a cover story about the long defeat for pro-abortion advocates. They even include an article by pro-life advocate Emily Buchanan of the Susan B. Anthony List.  I haven’t read the issue, but it is interesting that Time is acknowledging the decline in support for unrestricted abortion. I also wonder, though, in light of the controversies during the recent campaign and the post-election hand-wringing by some Republicans about the negative impact of “social conservatives” on the outcome, whether America is becoming robustly pro-life.  Also, many abortions today are accomplished using pills, rather than surgical instruments. Many Americans who are squeamish about clinics may not have the same squeamishness about abortifacient morning-after pills, esp. in the “hard” cases.


Robert Gotcher is a dogmatic and moral theologian and long-time member of UFL who received his Ph.D. from Marquette University. He and his wife, Kathy, are raising their seven children in Franklin, Wisconsin.