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Chilean call for signatures

José Ignacio Martínez Estay, Vicerrector de Investigación y Postgrado at Universidad de los Andes in Chile, is looking for signatures of American professors on a letter to the editor supporting the right to life from conception to natural death and religious freedom. This is intended to counter pro-abortion letters on the other side that have US […]

NY Times article on fetal pain legislation

  Here is a link to a National Right to Life News story commenting on today’s NY Times article on fetal pain legislation. Here is the conclusion of the National Right to Life News story: “This is an important story that gives credit where credit is due; helps the reader understand why legislation that makes people […]

AUL Writing Contest

Here is a link with information about The Advocates for Life Legal Writing Contest sponsored by Americans United for Life. This is a great opportunity for law students to use their talents to serve the pro-life cause.  Richard M.

Careter Snead on the constitutionality of laws banning abortion after 20 weeks

Here is a link to a good piece by Carter Snead on the constitutionality of laws (such as the recent Texas law)  banning abortion after 20 weeks to prevent fetal pain. Here is his conclusion:  “In summary, the Constitution does not prevent Texas from taking this very modest step to protect unborn children. There are […]