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Why do women have abortions?

In a recent opinion piece on LifeSiteNews, Randall K. O’Bannon analyzes a recent study by researches at the University of California San Francisco on the reasons women seek abortions. The opinion piece, “Women have abortions because they feel trapped and hopeless, study finds,” looks at the findings of the article, “Understanding why women seek abortions […]

What kind of issue is abortion

Recently commentators have been going back and forth about Pope Francis’s comments that seemed to some to downplay the Church’s position on some issues, such as abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and divorce.  What I found bizarre was the assertion by some people that all the issues the pope mentioned were “pelvic issues,” or “pelvic zone issues,” […]

Secular biomedical ethics journals

I discovered this list of secular biomedical ethics journals on the NIH web page. It includes a link to this list of journals, books, and other resources on the Canadian Centre for Applied Ethics web page. If you are interested in substantial dialogue with a variety of perspectives on life issues, this would be a good place to […]

Papal effect on Life Chain?

Yesterday in Valparaiso, IN, we held our annual peaceful, prayerful Life Chain protest against abortion. A  Mennonite protester asked a Catholic, “What do you think of your Pope coming out pro-abortion?” This is how media-spun papal talk may be perceived at the grassroots level.   Interestingly, our numbers here were way down this year (though […]