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ProVita Newsletter coming in January

I will be working on the January edition of the ProVita newsletter for UFL. If you have any of the following to contribute, please e-mail them to Recent scholarly activities of UFL members. News about UFL members. Scholarly resources pro-life scholars might use. Upcoming conferences, seminars, events, calls for papers. Thanks.

EU rejects making abortion a human right.

Good news from the EU. According to the National Catholic Register, the EU Parliament has rejected a report that proposed that EU define abortion as a human right.  The parliament accepted alternative reports that reaffirmed that decisions about abortion and sex education belong to the individual member nations

Does emergency contraception cause abortion?

Recently journalist Linda Greenhouse’s criticized for-profit companies seeking to be exempt from the HHS contraceptive mandate in a guest opinion column in the New York Times called “Doesn’t East, Doesn’t Pray and Doesn’t Love.” In response, Donna Harrison, MD, Executive Director of the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, writes “Emergency Contraception Can Cause […]

New book on abortion’s negative impact on women

Here is a story from National Right to Life News about a new book on abortion’s negative impact on women. The book, “Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women,” see, is by Angela Lanfranchi, Ian Gentels, and Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy. Here is a comment (from the NRL story) from Priscilla Coleman about the book: “This book comes […]

Cardinal Ratzinger speech on threats to human life

I just had the occasion to re-read a terrific speech that then-Cardinal Ratzinger gave back in 1991 entitled “The Problem of Threats to Human Life.” The speech anticipated Pope John Paul II’s great encyclical Evangelium Vitae. Soon after re-reading the speech, I realized that Father John Conley, SJ, gave  a talk at the 2005 University Faculty for […]

new study on abortion/breast cancer link

Here is a link to a National Right to Life News story on an important new study on the link between abortion and breast cancer. Richard Myers