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Beckwith on Roe v. Wade

For those that haven’t read it, here is a link to Frank Beckwith’s 2006 article, “The Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade, and Abortion Law,” from Liberty University Law Review. In it he argues that Roe v. Wade was in no way a “moderate” judicial opinion, although it is widely presented as such.

Life is a Gift Conference this weekend in Detroit

Tomorrow (Jan. 22) is the deadline for online registration for the fourth annual  “Life is a Gift” conference at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit to be held this Saturday from 8:45-3:00. Here are the details: Keynote Address: George Weigel Renowned Theologian and Author of John Paul II’s Biography, Witness to Hope Featured Speakers: Bishop […]

State abortion laws shifting in a pro-life direction

According to a National Catholic Register article, a survey by Americans United for Life, an organization “which works to develop and promote model pro-life legislation for states,” state abortion laws are becoming more pro-life and are protecting women more from the ravishes of abortion. The survey esp. highlights Louisiana, Oklahoma (my state of origin!), Arkansas, […]

chemical abortion reversal

Here is a site that promotes an abortion reversal process. Do any of our readers in the medical fiedl know anything about this? Email me at

McCullen v. Coakley editorial

Oral arguments were heard Wednesday in the McCullen v. Coackley case before the Supreme Court. The dispute is about a Massachusetts law which prohibits non-clinic employees from side-walk counselling within 35 feet of the entrance of a clinic. Amy Howe, of Bloomberg’s Supreme Court blog, seems to think the law will not be upheld, based […]

sex-selection abortion

Here is a good essay by Daniel Kuebler explaining why the US ought to ban sex-selection abortion. Richard M.