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More African American abortions than births in NYC

As reports, a recent report by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shows that more African Americans were aborted in 2012 than were born. The report also indicates a high ratio of Hispanic abortions. The statistics are consistent with the abortion figures from the Center for Disease Control in 2010.

American College of Pediatrics responds to Belgium’s child euthanasia reports, in “American College of Pediatricians Blasts Belgium for Legalizing Child Euthanasia,” on and posts the statement by the ACP critical of Belgium’s new euthanasia law which puts no lower limit on the age of euthanasia. The Netherland’s law allowing infant euthanasia is also considered. Physicians are healers not killers. An individual’s future quality of […]

Belgium’s euthanasia law and European pro-life movement

Belgium’s new law is most distressing not only because of the lost lives of the innocent children, but also, as Richard Stith points out, marks a new low in our devaluing the intrinsic life of each individual person.  As Archbishop Leonard, the primate of the Catholic Church in Belgium is quoted as warning in this […]

In Response to Belgium’s Legalization of Euthanasia for Children: the iron logic of euthanasia

Once each person is no longer taken as an unquestionable given, eventually everyone will have to show that he/she has a life of net positive value (is justified in living) in order for it to be thought reasonable for him/her to go on living. And there is no reason to think that his/her net value […]

Micahel Paulsen paper on the analogy between abortion and slavery

Here is a link to Michael Paulsen’s paper entitled “The Insistent Analogy to Slavery.” This paper was presented at the “Roe at 40” conference at Washington & Lee Law School. The conference was supported by University Faculty for Life, among others, and largely came about through the hard work of Sam Calhoun. The papers from the conference, including Professor […]

More on “Contraception helps reduce abortion rate.”

It looks like the “contraception reduces abortion” trope is beginning to lose its power, even among abortion providers. This LifeSiteNews article, “Two-thirds of women seeking abortions were using contraception: Britain’s largest abortion provider,” highlights many studies and statements, even by abortion promoters and providers, that contraception not only doesn’t reduced abortion rates, but actually increases them. […]