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Ligia De Jesus Castaldi on Double Standards on Abortion and Human Rights

Here is a link to a very good essay by Ligia De Jesus Castaldi. The essay focuses on a recent book entitled “Beating Hearts: Abortion and Animal Rights” by Sherry Colb and Michael Dorf. Castaldi’s critique concludes with this passage: “Ultimately, the authors do not make any new arguments for abortion rights, and they fail to make a […]

France bans Down syndrome video

The French government has banned a video that portrays the lives of children with Down syndrome in positive terms. “The video features a number of young people from around the globe telling about their lives. Their stories reflect today’s reality of living with Down syndrome and aims to reassure women who have received a prenatal diagnosis. Their […]

Cardinal Dolan on assisted suicide

Courtesy of LifeNews, here is a good piece from Cardinal Dolan, the Chair of the US Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities,  on the importance of renewing the battle against assisted suicide.

DC Council approves “Death with Dignity Act”

Here is a link to a story in the National Right to Life News about the latest developments. The DC Council has approved an assisted suicide bill.

Richard Doerflinger on the DC assisted suicide bill

Here is a link to a very good article by Richard Doerflinger some of the serious problems with the DC bill that would allow assisted suicide in our Nation’s capital.  

Colorado approves assisted suicide proposal

Here is a link to a lifesitenews story on Colorado’s approval of Proposition 106, the “Colorado End of Life Options Act.” Colorado is now the 6th state to allow physician assisted suicide.