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Margaret Somerville on “post-truth, euthanasia, and elder abuse”

Here is a very interesting essay by Margaret Somerville discussing post-truth, euthanasia, and elder abuse. Somerville’s work is always worth reading.

Ohio makes assisted suicide a felony

Here is a link to a blog post by Wesley Smith on developments in Ohio relating to assisted suicide. Smith makes the important point that there is not an inevitable current in favor of the legalization of assisted suicide.

Supreme Court of South Africa rejects lower court decision allowing assisted suicide/euthanasia

Here is a link to a blog post by Alex Schadenberg about the recent (December 6, 2016) decision of the Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa rejecting a lower court ruling that allowed assisted suicide/euthanasia. Here  is a link to the opinion.          

NY Times article on new efforts to restrict abortion

Here is a link to an article in today’s New York Times describing, in the wake of the election of Donald Trump, new efforts to restrict abortion. Here’s a bit from the article— “The effects of Mr. Trump’s victory are only beginning to be felt. But one of the biggest changes is playing out in abortion […]

University Faculty for Life Essay Contest 2017

University Faculty for Life, a multidisciplinary association of scholars speaking out for human life, is now accepting submissions from college and university students for its Scholarly Achievement Award in Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, or Research. Attached are guidelines for the contest and a one-page flyer.  Please distribute these documents to students, colleagues at your institution […]