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UN Human Rights Committee Report promotes abortion and assisted suicide

Here is a link to Stefano Gennarini’s analysis of the threat posed by a recent draft document of the UN Human Rights Committee. Gennarini’s analysis is entitled “UN Committee Excludes Unborn From Right to Life, Opens Door to Euthanasia.”

good essay by Margaret Somerville on euthanasia and the slippery slope

Here is a very good essay by Margaret Somerville entitled “The euthanasia slippery slope: a failure of memory and imagination.”

Charlie Gard dies after life support is ended

Here is a story about the death of Charlie Gard. R.I.P.

Charlie Gard’s parents end fight to save his life

Here is a link to a LifeNews story about the decision of Charlie Gard’s parents to end their fight to save his life.

Richard Doerflinger on the Charlie Gard case

Here is a link to Richard Doerflinger’s analysis.

developments in the Charlie Gard case

Here are a couple of news items about developments in the Charlie Gard case. Here is a story discussing a recent medical exam that was conducted in preparation for a new hearing in the case.  Here is a story discussing Charlie’s parents’ objection that the lawyer appointed to represent Charlie is a supporter of assisted suicide. Here is a very good […]