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Good essay by Arthur Goldberg on Assisted Suicide in US and Canada

Here is a link to a good essay in Public Discourse by Arthur Goldberg on assisted suicide in the US and Canada. In the essay, he discusses a congressional resolution that has been introduced expressing opposition to assisted suicide. Here is his concluding paragraph: “Because secular humanism is attempting to replace G-d as the final moral […]

Fall 2017 issue of the UFL newsletter is now available

Here is a link to the fall 2017 issue of ProVita, the newsletter of University Faculty for Life. Many thanks to Margaret Hughes for her great work in editing the newsletter!!!

Australian state legalizes assisted suicide

Here is a report in the National Right to Life News about the Australian state of Victoria’s legalization of assisted suicide. Previous legalization efforts in other Australian states have failed. The vast majority of legalization efforts in the US have failed too. There is certainly not an inexorable move in favor of legalization but the passage of this […]