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Chris Kaczor’s devastating rebuttal of an article by Chemerinsky and Goodwin defending abortion rights

Here is a link to an excellent essay by Chris Kaczor. The essay, which is entitled “The Ostrich Defense of Abortion,” is a critique of a recent law review article by Chemerinsky and Goodwin. Here is a portion of Kaczor’s conclusion: “In sum, Chemerinsky and Goodwin’s defense of legal abortion does not take into account, let […]

“Moral Disengagement–Mechanisms Propelling the Euthanasia/PAS Movement”

That’s the title of a recent article by Fabian Stahle, a Swedish researcher. The article was noted in a recent post by Alex Schadenberg. Here is the abstract of Stahle’s article: “The international movement that promotes the legalisation of euthanasia/physician-assisted suicide (PAS) is propelled by highly potent psychological mechanisms to overcome the resistance to its agenda. […]

“Dishonoring the Dead: Moral and Constitutional Considerations on Fetal Disposition”

Here is a link to essay by Deidre Cooper and Kody Cooper discussing a Texas law requiring the humane disposition of fetal remains. The essay also critiques a recent federal court decision enjoining the Texas law.  Here is the conclusion of the essay: “[The federal judge] dredges up the tired bad-faith argument, that Texans are just trying to […]

Wesley Smith on the “Gerber Baby”

Here is a link to an excellent piece by Wesley Smith on the selection of Lucas Warren, a baby with Down syndrome, as the Gerber Baby of 2018.

“Unwelcome Guests: Disabled People and the New Eugenics”

Here is a link to a recently published essay by my colleague Steve Mikochik who explains why disabled people are so concerned about the legalization of assisted suicide.

“Beyond Roe: A Global Roadmap for the Pro-Life Movement”

Here is a link to a very good piece by Stefano Gennarini published by Public Discourse. Here are his concluding paragraphs— “We find ourselves at a pivotal moment in the history of the pro-life movement internationally. And it requires President Trump to once again challenge the status quo. His willingness to defy the seemingly unassailable orthodoxies of […]