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Alfie Evans, R.I.P.

Here is a story on the death of Alfie Evans. Here is a good essay by Carter Snead on the whole situation. Here is an article from a few years ago by Prof. Laura Hoffman entitled “Hospital Medical Futility Policy & the Severely Disabled Child: Is Disability a Death Sentence?”  

“Alfie Evans and Our Moral Crossroads”

Here is a link to a good piece by Charles Camosy on the Alfie Evans case. Here is Camosy’s conclusion—“Enough with the deference to the medical and legal establishment and its judgements about which lives are worth living. Now is a time for choosing. The most vulnerable require our clear and uncompromising support.”

Seventh Circuit Affirms Ruling Invalidating Indiana Abortion Law

Here is a link to an April 19, 2018 opinion from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The court affirmed a decision from a federal district court judge invalidating provisions of Indiana’s abortion law. The provisions banned abortion when the person performing the abortion knows the woman is seeking an abortion due to disability, […]

“The Future of the Pro-Life Movement Is in Africa”

Here is a link to good essay by Stefano Gennarini. The essay explains that “[a]side from the importance of fighting ideological neocolonialism, building up the pro-life movement in Africa is essential given how politically and economically influential Africa is likely to become over the next century. Obianuju Ekeocha [, a pro-life activist whose good work Gennarini […]

“The Physician-Assisted Suicide Movement is Gaining Ground in Two Major Ways”

That is the title of a recent Public Discourse essay by Gerard T. Mundy. Here is his basic message— “First, disturbingly, some of the state and district affiliates of the American Medical Association (AMA) are changing their oppositional stances on physician-assisted suicide. Second, proponents of physician-assisted suicide have been successfully inserting euphemisms into both physicians’ […]

Hawaii legalizes assisted suicide

Here is a link to a story on BioEdge about Hawaii’s legalization of assisted suicide.