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Opposition to Assisted Suicide is Still Strong in the US

Here is a link to a helpful post by Alex Schadenberg on his Euthanasia Prevention Coalition blog. He makes the point that most efforts to  legalize assisted suicide have failed and that some states have recently strengthened their laws banning assisted suicide.

Winter/Spring 2018 issue of ProVita is available

The Winter/Spring issue of ProVita, the newsletter of University Faculty for Life, is available here. Thanks again to Margaret Hughes for her editorial work!!!

“New Report Misleads on Health Risks of Abortion for Women”

Here is a link to an article in National Review by Michael New and Donna Harrison critiquing a new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine on the safety of abortion. Here is the conclusion: “Supporters of legal abortion have often argued that abortion procedures pose few health risks to women, but they […]

“The Push to Help Starve Helpless Seniors”

Here is a link to Richard Doerflinger’s latest column. The column in entitled “Food for Thought: The Push to Starve Helpless Seniors.” Here is his conclusion: “The U.S. assisted-suicide movement has ridiculed slippery-slope arguments, saying we will never follow the Netherlands in approving assisted suicide for people who only have dementia. It seems we are […]