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Latest Gallup poll on abortion

Here is a link to a story about the latest Gallup poll on abortion. The results are largely unchanged from prior years. While Americans are becoming more liberal on other social issues, this poll indicates that the pro-life movement has been successful in its educational efforts. A majority of Americans support restricting abortion in all […]

AMA votes to continue its evaluation of assisted suicide

The AMA, which has long opposed physician-assisted suicide, is in the midst of a reevaluation of this position. A change would have enormous consequences because the views of medical organizations are often relied upon when legislatures and courts consider the issue in various contexts. As noted on this blog recently, the AMA’s Council on Ethical […]

“The Trump Administration Must Keep Abortion out of Humanitarian Law and Policy”

Here is a good essay in Public Discourse by Stefano Gennarini. He describes continuing efforts to promote a right to abortion in international law and suggests how the Trump Administration ought to respond. Here is his conclusion: “The stakes are higher than ever for the pro-life cause internationally. The Trump administration must continue to push the United […]

US Supreme Court vacates decision involving undocumented teen’s abortion

Here is a link to the Court’s decision in Azar v. Garza. In this case, the DC Circuit had allowed an undocumented teen who was in custody to obtain an abortion over the government’s objection. Because the teen obtained an abortion, the Supreme Court considered the case moot and, pursuant to its standard practice, vacated the […]