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When is a free speech zone not a free speech zone?

When someone speaks out against abortion. See this National Catholic Register article about two pro-life activists, Thrin and Joan Short, who were harassed by a faculty member at University of California–Santa Barbara.

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4th Circuit rules on compelled speech cases involving crisis pregnancy centers

Here is a link to a National Right to Life News story on the 4th Cicuit’s recent (July 3, 2013) decision in two 1st Amendment cases involving crisis pregnancy centers. Here is a link to a Washington Post story. Both cases involve local ordinances that require that pregnancy centers make certain disclosures. The 4th Circuit […]

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Supreme Court agrees to hear important First Amendment case involving pro-life speech

The Supreme Court agreed to hear McCullen v. Coakley–an important First Amenedment case involving the constitutionality of a Massachusetts law providing for a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinics. Mark Rienzi, from Catholic University, is the counsel of record. Richard M.

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important 4th Circuit argument today

The full United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit will be hearing oral argument today in Centro Tepeyac v. Montgomery County. The suit, filed by a crisis pregnancy center, challenges a Montgomery County law that forces such centers to notify women that the centers do not have a medical professional on staff and encouraging […]

Abortion Constitutionality Court cases Free Speech Pregnancy Assistance Centers

4th Circuit will rehear important crisis pregnancy center/free speech cases

Back in June, I reported on two important decisions from the Fourth Circuit.   Those cases involved laws that require crisis pregnancy centers to post notices stating that the centers don’t have medical professionals on staff and encouraging women to consult with a licensed health care provider. In June, a panel of the Fourth Circuit held that these compelled speech laws […]

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article by Gaylord and Molony on “A Woman’s Right to Know”

I just saw this new article by Scott Gaylord and Thomas Molony. The article is entitled “Casey and A Woman’s Right to Know: Ultrasounds, Informed Consent, and the First Amendment.” The authors conclude “that the  goverment has broad authority to mandate disclosures designed to inform a woman’s decision about an abortion.” The article contains a very useful […]

Abortion Constitutionality Court cases Free Speech Informed consent

Texas sonogram law can be enforced

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has allowed a Texas law requiring that doctors show sonograms to women seeking an abortion to be enforced. A lower court had prevented the law from being enforced but the 5th Circuit has now reveresed that ruling. The court, in an opinion by Judge Edith Jones,  noted that states are permitted to require doctors […]

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United States of America v. Richard Retta

Yesterday’s Lifesite News carried an opinion piece by Brad Mattes criticizing the increase in federal prosecutions for violations of the Free Access to Clinic Entrance Act (FACE) by the current Department of Justice. He used the case of Richard Retta as an example of the harassing nature of the new complaints by DOJ. You can […]

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Quick addendum to clinic escort story

I recently blogged about the Ninth Circuit opinion requiring police to enforce the “Mother May I” or “speech free zones” against clinic escorts as well as sidewalk counselors here. Just discovered another story about Rev. Hoye’s prolife efforts in The Catholic Voice of Oakland Diocese. It seems he was behind the placement of several billboards […]

Abortion Constitutionality Court cases Free Speech Sidewalk Counseling

Speech by Sidewalk Counselors and Clinic “Escorts” Must be Treated the Same

Walter Hoye, a California pastor and sidewalk counselor, filed a federal constitutional challenge to the City of Oakland’s “Mother May I” ordinance restricting speech outside abortion clinics after having been arrested twice for approaching women seeking to enter abortion clinics. The case is Hoye v. Oakland. Evidence in the case established the Pastor Hoye attempted […]