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Koloze writes on feminist misinterpretation of American novels

Jeff Koloze’s article, “Challenging Feminist Literary Criticism’s Misreading of Specific American Novels From the First Half of the Twentieth Century,” was published in Humanities and Social Science Review 5:2 . This paper responds to specific questions raised in the author’s previous research on five American novels from the first half of the twentieth century which concern sexuality, […]

Book review of Lisa De Niscia’s Momentary Mother has published my book review of Lisa De Niscia’s novel, Momentary Mother.  The review (at summarizes attributes of characters in De Niscia’s novel and critiques its literary features, especially its use of a Hemingway literary device.

Frank Zapatka post on another mystery by Ralph McInerny

Courtesy of Frank Zapatka, here is a commentary on Ralph McInerny’s The Prudence of the Flesh.  The Prudence of the Flesh (2006), the 25th of Ralph McInerny’s 26 “Father Dowling Myster[ies]” is another of several  of his mysteries in which the life issues are involved. In this one, the relevant passages are paraphrased and quoted in the […]

Frank Zapatka post on a mystery by Ralph McInerny

As we get ready for our upcoming University Faculty for Life conference at Notre Dame, it seemed appropriate to post this comment by Frank Zapatka on one of Ralph McInerny’s Notre Dame mysteries. Here is Frank’s comment– Ralph McInerny’s Lack of the Irish (1998) Lack of the Irish (1998), the second of McInerny’s thirteen  mysteries […]

Frank Zapatka on McInerny’s “The Search Committee”

Here is another post by Frank Zapatka (Emeritus, American U). Here Frank comments on passages in one of Ralph McInerny’s novels. The late Ralph McInerny (Philosophy, Notre Dame) in “The Writing Life”( First Things, 3.2006:) suggested that mystery novels “function as fictional Kleenex—one use and they’re gone” (p. 26). But, I would suggest that his […]

UFL Scholarly Achievement Award for 2011

The deadline for University Faculty for Life’s Scholarly Achievement Award in Creative Writing, Literary Criticism, or Research is quickly approaching.  Thanks to generous anonymous donors, the prize amounts for this year’s contest have been doubled.  Two documents about the contest are available for your use: a flyer suitable for newsletter reproduction and another document which […]