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San Jose Articles used to block right to abortion in Uruguay

Here is an encouraging article from C-Fam about a positive development in Uruguay. There has been a steady push from the abortion rights movement to claim that there is a right to abortion protected by international law. The San Jose Articles (see this post, refute that claim and the Articles have now been […]

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San Jose Articles presented at UN briefing

The San Jose Articles were presented at a UN briefing today. The Articles, which challenge the widespread claims that international law supports a right to abortion, were discussed by Robert George and Grover Joseph Rees. See Richard M.

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Liechtenstein rejects legalized abortion and UN pressure

Voters in this small European country rejected a national referendum that would have legalized abortion during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Current law permits abortion only in cases in which the mother’s life is in danger or the mother is under fourteen years-of-age at the time of conception. Women obtaining illegal abortions may be […]

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Abortion in Egypt

An article in the prochoice Women News Network asserts that many women in Egypt seek abortions to avoid honor killings. The article can be found at Information regarding Egyptian abortion law can be found on the UN website at

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Abstracts due for Queen’s Health and Human Rights Conference

Abstract submission closes Thursday, Sept. 15, 2011 for the Queen’s Health & Human Rights Conference Sept 30-Oct 1, 2011, Kingston ON Canada. More information here.

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Matercare International’s 8th Worldwide Conference Soon

Registration is still open for Matercare International’s Eighth Worldwide Conference. The conference theme is the “Dignity of Mothers and Obstetricians-Who on Earth Cares.” It will be held August 31-September 4, 2011 at the Instituto Maria Bambina, Rome. The conference schedule can be found here, and registration forms here. Matercare International is an international group of […]

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Symposium on Gender Justice in the Americas: A Transnational Dialogue on Violence, Sexuality, Reproduction, and Human Rights

The Miami Law Review has published a symposium issue containing papers and talks given at the 2011 conference involving advocates and scholars from 20 countries in North and South America to explore Gender Justice in the Americas: A Transnational Dialogue on Violence, Sexuality, Reproduction, and Human Rights. The introduction to the symposium issue is now […]

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Austrians Debate Abortion in Public Hospitals

In 1974 Austria removed all criminal penalties for abortions in the first three months of pregancy. While most people interpret this action as making abortion legal, some public authorities argue that the change merely removed any penalty for conduct that remains illegal (or at least publiclly disfavored). The change was challenged on the basis that […]

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China’s One-Child Policy

The NYT reports that parents of infants in China are claiming that government officials are abducting their children and selling them on the black market. The story is here. Congressman Chris Smith (NJ), a staunch prolifer, has worked for years to awaken the American people and government to the evils of China’s one child policy. […]

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Western nations pressuring Latin American nations to liberalize abortion laws

Here is a link to a story from the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute on Western nations who are misusing the UN Human Rights Process to pressure nations in Latin America to liberalize their abortion laws. This is a part of a worrisome trend of pro-abortions forces attempting to use a non-existent international right to […]