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Poll shows most Americans oppose most abortions

Here are links to stories from LifeNews,, and the National Right to Life News, , discussing a recent CNN poll that shows that most Amerians oppose most abortions, and that most Americans oppose public funding of abortion. This confirms the results of other polls in recent years. Richard M.

How the face of pro-life advocates is changing

The Public Religion Research Institute published some statistics (“What Will the Next Generation of Anti-Abortion Advocates Look Like? Different.”) about the ever-growing pro-life attitude of young Americans, even those who are not Christians. Of young Americans who oppose abortion, fewer are white Christians* (37 percent) than the nearly 8-in-10 (78 percent) who make up the […]

Short survey of young adults’ attitudes on abortion

Today Michael New published a short article on the NRO website, The College Republicans’ Report Has Good Advice On Abortion.  He provides a short survey of several opinion polls and concludes: “The opinions of young adults on the issue of abortion tend to be nuanced. Many polls show that young people are somewhat less likely […]

“Pew Poll on Abortion Absurdly Inaccurate”

That’s the title of a good commentary from the National Right to Life News on the recent Pew poll on abortion. Richard M.

commentary on the Time magazine cover story

The Time magazine cover story (“40 Years Ago, Abortion-Rights Activists Won an Epic Victory With Roe v. Wade. They’ve Been Losing Ever Since.”) is generating a lot of commentary. Here are some samples of the commentary. Richard M.  

pro-life gains since the Casey decision

It has been 20 years since the Supreme Court’s decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. On the 20th anniversary of this landmark decision, there has been much recent reflection about the impact of Casey. In LifeNews, Dr. Michael New notes Clarke Forsythe’s recent National Review commentary on Casey and offers some comments of his own. Here […]