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Briefs in the Whole Woman’s Health case

Here is a post from Teresa Collett (as posted on the Mirror of Justice blog by Greg Sisk) concerning the Whole Woman’s Health case (the Texas abortion case currently pending before the United States Supreme Court).   On March 2 the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a […]

Study looks at abortion-breast cancer link

According to, researches have conducted a review of 72 studies. The study, “Breast Cancer and Induced Abortion: A Comprehensive Review of Breast Development and Pathophysiology, the Epidemiologic Literature, and Proposal for Creation of Databanks to Elucidate All Breast Cancer Risk Factors,” by Dr. Angela Lanfranchi and Patrick Fagan, Ph.D., was published in Issues in […]

Report on ignored research about negative effects of abortion

The Institute for Marriage and Family Canada has issued a report called “Interconnected How abortion impacts mothers, families and our society,”on neglected research that shows how abortion can negatively affect the lives of those who are involved, according to Among the areas covered are mental health and relationships and sexuality.

New book on abortion’s negative impact on women

Here is a story from National Right to Life News about a new book on abortion’s negative impact on women. The book, “Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women,” see, is by Angela Lanfranchi, Ian Gentels, and Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy. Here is a comment (from the NRL story) from Priscilla Coleman about the book: “This book comes […]

new study on abortion/breast cancer link

Here is a link to a National Right to Life News story on an important new study on the link between abortion and breast cancer. Richard Myers

New Book on Abortion’s impact on women

The deVeber Institute for Bioethics and Social Research has recently released a book called Complications: Abortion’s Impact on Women. “Drawing on over 650 published studies from international medical and psychological journals, Complications knocks down the generally accepted idea that abortion is perfectly safe.” More information can be found here.