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New article on history of the Akron v. Planned Parenthood cases

“Back to the Future of Regulating Abortion in the First Term”  Journal of Gender, Race and Justice, Vol. 16, 2012 U of Akron Legal Studies Research Paper No. 11-11 TRACY A. THOMAS, University of Akron School of Law Email: In 2011, more abortion bills were passed to restrict abortion than ever before. The proliferation […]

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academics to study impact of abortion on women

Here is a short item by Priscilla Coleman about a new group (WECARE; that will study the impact of abortion on women. Here is her description of the organization: “WECARE is a 501c3 organization newly established to bring together credentialed scientists with a research program on the physical, psychological, and/or relational effects of abortion to […]

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Call for papers on maternal mortality – submission due this month!

The British based journal, Reproductive Health Matters has issued a call for papers to appear in its May 2012 issue. While this is an unlikely forum for prolife academics, we are all committed to answering the question posed for the May issue, “how can we reduce maternal mortality?” The call for papers can be found […]

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Self-induced abortions and RU-486

The woman challenging the Idaho abortion laws says she brought her lawsuit after a district attorney tried to prosecute her for a self-induce abortion. The charges were dismissed, but form the basis for her claim that she fears injury from the enforcement of the Idaho laws. I have blogged previously about her claims related to […]

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Political Change and Abortion

SSRN has a new article The Civic Underpinnings of Legal Change: Gay Rights, Abortion, and Gun Control. Written by Professor Palma Joy Strand (Creighton), her thesis is that legal change occurs when individuals seeking change share their stories of how the failure to change harms them. These stories facilitate the crafting of a group identity, […]

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Responding to Radical Autonomy Claims

Erika Bachiochi has a wonderful new post on the Public Discourse Blog entitled 40 Years Later: How to Undo the Autonomy Argument for Abortion Rights. In the post, she responds to the autonomy argument made famous by Judith Jarvis Thomason in A Defense of Abortion. She argues, like UFL member Frank Beckwith who she quotes, […]

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Matercare International’s 8th Worldwide Conference Soon

Registration is still open for Matercare International’s Eighth Worldwide Conference. The conference theme is the “Dignity of Mothers and Obstetricians-Who on Earth Cares.” It will be held August 31-September 4, 2011 at the Instituto Maria Bambina, Rome. The conference schedule can be found here, and registration forms here. Matercare International is an international group of […]

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Speaking of the National Catholic Bioethics Center …

The new (Summer 2011) issue of their National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly arrived in my mailbox the other day. A few things of note from the contents: The “Colloquy” section includes an exchange of letters regarding an article in a previous NCBQ critical of philospher Fr. Martin Rhonheimer’s recent Vital Conflicts in Medical Ethics: A Virtue Approach to […]

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Sex-selective abortions American style

The San Francisco Chronicle has an op-ed about sex-selective abortion arguing that such abortions are a violation of human rights. (The author does not attempt explain what distinguishes sex-selective abortion from all abortions in terms of human rights.) The column relies in part on an April 2011 article appearing in the journal, Social Science and […]

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Requirements of Informed Consent Limit Autonomy?

Arthur Kaplan argues that opposing telemedicine abortion is irresponsible here. He argues that abortion providers have a right to determine the information that a patient needs with no “interference” by state legislatures. Curiously he justifies this return to a paternalistic notion of medical cares by a demand for patient autonomy. It appears he has little […]