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Sixth Circuit Hears Arguments in Down Syndrome Abortion Case

On March 11, 2020, the full Sixth Circuit heard oral arguments in a case challenging the constitutionality of Ohio’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act. That law prohibits abortions when the women is seeking abortion due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome. By a 2-1 vote, a 3-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit held the law unconstitutional […]

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Preventing Abortion of Children with Downs Syndrome

LifeSiteNews reports that the Charlotte Lozier Institute has just published a paper by Mark Bradford, of the Jérôme Lejeune Foundation USA called “Improving Joyful Lives: Society’s Response to Difference and Disability.” According to LifeSiteNews, the paper “examines societal responses to individuals diagnosed with Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) and makes policy recommendations to further improve their lives.”

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Interview about Dr. Jerome Lejeune

Here is an interview by Peter Jesserer Smith in The National Catholic Register with Aude Dugast, who is working for the canonization (declaration of sainthood) in the Catholic Church of Dr. Jerome Lejeune, who discovered the genetic cause of Down’s Syndrom and who was an advisor for University Faculty for Life until his death in 1994. […]

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That Albuquerque vote

As far as I know, this is the only time in the modern world that there has been a popular vote precisely to let kids of this age (20+ weeks) be killed on request. (America made a judicial decision to this effect. China & North Korea are the only two bodies to have made a […]

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Targeting Downs Syndrome by Regulation

Attorney Mark Leach has a great new blog post on new regulations based on the Institute of Medicine’s recommendations and their impact on unborn children with Down’s Syndrome. His fear is that the prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases will be used to pressure mothers to abort their down syndrome babies. He notes that public comments […]

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Abortion and Conjoined Twins

A young single mom from Wisconsin has become the subject of international commentary due to her decision to continue her pregnancy after being informed that the twin daughters she is carrying are joined at the heart and share other internal organs. Some readers of this blog may recall the controversy that arose in England a […]

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Hospitals ban elective inductions before 39 weeks

Oregon papers are reporting that all-Portland area hospitals are prohibiting elective inductions and c-sections prior to 39 weeks gestation. “[R]esearch has shown that there is significant brain development going on right through 38 weeks. Babies born before 39 weeks of pregnancy are two to three times more likely to be admitted to intensive care as […]

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Speaking of the National Catholic Bioethics Center …

The new (Summer 2011) issue of their National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly arrived in my mailbox the other day. A few things of note from the contents: The “Colloquy” section includes an exchange of letters regarding an article in a previous NCBQ critical of philospher Fr. Martin Rhonheimer’s recent Vital Conflicts in Medical Ethics: A Virtue Approach to […]

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New York Times magazine article on Down syndrome

Here is a link to a story in the National Right to Life News about a very interesting article in the New York Times Sunday magazine (of July 31, 2011). The magazine article is very touching. It tells the story of Dr. Alberto Costa and his daughter Tyche who has Down syndrome. Dr. Costa is a doctor […]

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Series of articles on the “viability rule”

Just discovered a series of articles exploring the Supreme Court’s position allowing post-viability abortion bans by Randy Beck. You can find Randy Beck’s articles at The Essential Holding of Casey: Rethinking Viability, Where’s the Syllogism?: Gonzales, Casey and the Viability Rule, and Self-Conscious Dicta: The Origins of Roe v. Wade’s Trimester Framework. These articles are […]