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Lynn Wardle on the impact of sexual and marital morality on society

UFL board member Lynn Wardle has written an article for called “Disintegration of Sexual and Marital Morality Is Having a Detrimental Impact on Society.” Wardle highlights the detrimental effect Roe v. Wade has had on U.S. culture. He also discusses the possibility that the U.S. can reverse the trend.

Why Roe Said what it did

Here is a link to “41 Years Later: Why Roe Said What It Did,” Justin Buckley Dyer’s summary of Clarke Forsythe’s book, Abuse of Discretion on the Library of Law and Liberty web page. Forsythe, a man who has spent his life for pro-life causes, makes a strong case for returning the issue back to American […]

Clarke Forsythe’s book on Roe v. Wade

Here is a link to my post on Mirror of Justice highlighting Clarke Forsythe’s new book on Roe v. Wade. Clarke has presented some of the work reflected in the book at University Faculty for Life conferences in recent years. Earlier this year, Linda Greenhouse noted that hardly anyone reads Roe v. Wade anymore. Clake […]

Roe v. Wade, the Controversy Continues

The Francis Lewis Law Center of the Washington and Lee University School of Law in Lexington, VA, is sponsoring a symposium called Roe at 40, The Controversy Continues, Nov. 7-8, 2013.  Among the keynote speakers will be Caitlin Borgmann is a professor of law at CUNY School of Law, and Michael Paulsen is a professor of […]

Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Getting Mellow in Her Old Age?

Over on the Human Life Review blog, John M. Grondelski, former associate dean of the School of Theology, at Seton Hall University poses the question Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg Getting Mellow in Her Old Age?  His comments accord with those of UFL member Sam Calhoun in his presentation critiquing the Siegel-Greenhouse book, Before Roe v. Wade.

What is the Best Article on Legal History of Abortion Regulation prior to Roe?

In his presentation, “The Logic of Roe v. Wade and the Quality of Its Arguments,” Frank Beckwith noted that James Witherspoon’s 1985 article, Reexamining Roe: nineteenth-century abortion statutes and the Fourteenth Amendment, is the best short critique of Justice Blackmun’s distorted history of abortion law in Roe v. Wade.  Add to this Joseph Dellapenna’s magisterial work, Dispelling […]