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Beckwith on 21st century arguments for life

Frank Beckwith was interviewed by Reformed pro-life activist Jonathon Van Maren in “Pro-Life Arguments for the 21st Century: Dr. Francis J. Beckwith & Jonathon Van Maren.” He talks about the popular and academic arguments that are effective in the 21st century.

Deception and pro-life work

Monica Migliorino Miller writes in Crisis, “Were Planned Parenthood Videos Produced Unethically,” a defense of David Daleiden against the accusation that the deception he and his team engaged in to gain the videos of Planned Parentood was immoral because it was lying, which is always wrong.

March for Life coverage

See the links below. I still find it hard to believe how the March is downplayed in places such as the New York Times. I looked through the Times this morning and found a half a sentence referring to the March. That phrase mentioned that there were “thousands” of people in attendance. Richard […]

commentary on the Time magazine cover story

The Time magazine cover story (“40 Years Ago, Abortion-Rights Activists Won an Epic Victory With Roe v. Wade. They’ve Been Losing Ever Since.”) is generating a lot of commentary. Here are some samples of the commentary. Richard M.  

Hidden Persuaders

That’s the title of a recent article by Fred Barnes in the Weekly Standard. The article’s subtitle is “The unheralded gains of  the pro-life movement.” Barnes describes a series of positive developments: the impact of sonograms, the increasing pro-life sentiment among young people, the rapid increase in pregnancy care centers, etc. At the end of […]

Recap of Prolife Arguments on Abortion

Provocative professor and Townhall Columnist, Mike Adams, has posted an abbreviated version of a speech he gave to a national gathering of college student on rebutting arguments in favor of abortion. The first installment is entitled “Killing Six Birds with One Stone.” The second and final installment entitled Poverty, Rape and Abortion.