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Violence Lets Planned Parenthood Rebound at the End of 2015

Violence Lets Planned Parenthood Rebound at the End of 2015 By Lynn D. Wardle, Bruce C. Hafen Professor of Law at BYU Law School. The year 2015 exposed some of the sleazy underside and disturbing practices of the commercialized abortion industry in the United States. Consequently, the past year was a difficult year for the […]

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Prolife Center Videos

Here are a couple of videos of recent events at the Prolife Center at the University of St. Thomas. The first is a lecture by Prof. Tom Berg on “Patents on Human Life – The Limits of Private Property,” Nov. 3, 2015. The second is a discussion of “MN Law, Fetal Body Parts, and Planned […]

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Lynn Wardle on the impact of sexual and marital morality on society

UFL board member Lynn Wardle has written an article for called “Disintegration of Sexual and Marital Morality Is Having a Detrimental Impact on Society.” Wardle highlights the detrimental effect Roe v. Wade has had on U.S. culture. He also discusses the possibility that the U.S. can reverse the trend.

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Petals in the Dust movie

At the 2013 Life and Learning Conference in San Francisco there was a presentation by Nyna Pais Caputi about a film she and her husband were producing about female infanticide and other abuses of women in India. The film has now been released. You can find out more about it at the Petals in the […]

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Deception and pro-life work

Monica Migliorino Miller writes in Crisis, “Were Planned Parenthood Videos Produced Unethically,” a defense of David Daleiden against the accusation that the deception he and his team engaged in to gain the videos of Planned Parentood was immoral because it was lying, which is always wrong.

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Contradictions in the Catholic position on abortion?

I ran across this quote on the BBC web page about Catholicism: Research and publications from the Alan Guttmacher Institute in America illustrate some contradictions in the Catholic stance against abortion. The evidence is as follows: Catholic women in the United States are as likely as women in the general population to have an abortion, […]

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Camosy interview

Artur Rosman of the Patheos blog called “CosmosTheLost” recently interviewed Charles C. Camosy is Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics at Fordham University. “The Anti-Abortion Supermajority: Beyond the Abortion Wars.” Camosy is the author of Beyond the Abortion Wars: A Way Forward for a New Generation (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2015). In the interview Camosy discusses whether […]

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State laws restricting abortions

LifeSiteNews has an article, “Progress: States have enacted dozens of pro-life laws so far in 2015,” by Dustin Siggins, discussing the increase in the number of state laws restricting abortion in the past few years.  They compare and contrast the Guttmacher Institute statistics with the Americans United for Life statistics.  Both show a clear increase in […]


Does Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Cause An Increase in Abortions

There is evidence that legalization of same-sex marriage is associated with higher rates, ratios and rankings of abortion in American States.  That information was compiled and presented to the Supreme Court of the United States in an amicus brief filed in Obergefell v. Hodges by more than 100 scholars of marriage in support of the […]

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UN discusses the Right to Life

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights recently held a discussion on the meaning of the “right to life” on the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This link takes you to the papers.