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Two Universities struggle with abortion-related issues

Two Catholic universities are in the news with abortion-related stories. Santa Clara University is going through a struggle between the President and faculty members over the availability of abortion through the University’s health plan. President Michael Engh, S.J., recently initiated an action that would bar the availability of elective abortion through the health plan. In […]

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interesting essay on abortion and judicial conservatism

On Public Discourse, here is the first part of a two-part essay by Michael Fragoso entitled “Abortion and the Courts: A Brief Political History of Judicial Conservatism.” Fragoso takes issue with the view that presidential elections don’t matter because judges appointed by Republican presidents have been, from the perspective of the pro-life movement, “at best–part of the problem  […]

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Robert George reflects on asking presidential candidates about Roe

Over at Public Discourse, in his new post, Reflections of a Questioner (, Robert George evaluates the answers of Ron Paul and Mitt Romney to George’s question about what legislation each presidental candidate would propose to overturn Roe v. Wade. Professor George notes that this question raises a fundamental constitutional issue regarding the role of […]

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Video of GOP candidates on abortion and constitutional change

If readers want to view each of the GOP presidential candidates respond to Professor Robert George’s question regarding abortion at the Palmetto Freedom Forum, you can find those exchanges on YouTube. Bachmann-George exchange at 5:27-8:18. Cain-George exchange at 6:28-8:56. Gingrich-George exchange at 7:46-9:15 very short answer then discussion of judicial role in Constitution. Paul-George exchange […]

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Personhood and the Presidential Debates

UFL Member Michael New has a short post, Abortion and the 14th Amendment, over at NRO. He describes GOP presidential candidates’ responses to the question of whether they would support legislation, under Section Five of the 14th Amendment that would restore legal protection for unborn children. Professor New notes that only Mitt Romney failed to […]

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Returning the question of abortion to the people

Ed Whelan has posted a short article, Defend our Laws: Justice Matters as part of the ten-part series on Liberty, Justice and the Common Good at Public Discourse. He presents a strong prolife agenda for the next president. Whelan writes: “They should educate the public that Roe imposes a radical regime of unrestricted abortion, for […]

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Why abortion is still the most important political issue

UFL member, O. Carter Snead (Notre Dame), has a terrific new article on the Public Discourse blog, Protect the Weak and Vulnerable: The Primacy of the Life Issue. In the article, he first establishes that the debates over abortion and embryo destructive research are really about membership in the human family and the reach of […]

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Yet another item on the Obama contraception mandate

Here is Prof. Christopher Tollefsen: “Contraception and Healthcare Rights.” I think it’s pretty carefully thought out and argued (one possible quibble based on a quick first reading would be with the “great gravity and urgency” criterion, though that probably has nothing to do with the point about contraception). And I think Tollefsen implicitly points to […]

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New SSRN posting of scholarly articles on conscience

UFL member Lynn Wardle has posted two of his articles on the need to protect the rights of conscience on SSRN. I have described SSRN in a previous post here. Professor Wardle’s article, Protection of Healthcare Providers’ Rights of Conscience in American Law: Present, Past, and Future, is part of a series of articles presented […]

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One more post on the contraception-coverage mandate

Yesterday I linked Helen Alvaré’s comments on the recent Obama Admin decision. Here are a couple of additional pieces. One is political scientist Michael New’s “Our Fears Are Realized.” Prof. New has presented some of his research on the effects of abortion laws at a UFL conference. Another is by Greg Pfundstein: “The Misguided Birth-Control […]