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Two brain-death cases

There have been two medical cases recently which involved the diagnosed brain-death of a patient. The first case is that of Jahi McMath, the 13-year old California girl who was declared brain dead by the doctors and then was handed over to her family for care. As this article in the National Catholic Register details, […]

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Wesley Smith on the expansion of euthanasia in Europe

Here is link to an item in the National Right to Life News by Wesley Smith in which he discusses his article in the May 2013 First Things (“Medicinal Murder”) on the expansion of euthanasia in Europe.  Here’s the conclusion of the National Right to Life post–“The collapse of morality in Belgium, the Netherlands, and […]

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Highlighting a few recent items in the National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly

The Spring 2012 NCBQ arrived in yesterday’s mail (many academic journals tend to run a few months behind), and I’d like to make brief mention of several things from the previous issue (Winter 2011) and the new one. In the Winter 2011 issue there is a review, by Germain Kopaczynski, OFM, of Joseph W. Dellapenna’s Dispelling the Myths […]

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“Dutch Doctors Use ‘Deep Sedation’ to Hide Assisted Suicides”

Here is a link to a good piece by Dr. Peter Saunders addressing this issue. The use of “terminal sedation” to advance the euthanasia movement is worth careful attention. The use of “deep sedation” or “terminal sedation” needs to be distinguished from a legitimate technique–the use of sedation for symptom relief (so-called “palliative sedation”).     There is a careful treatment of […]

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good article by Wesley Smith on the bigotry against the disabled

Here is a link to a recent post on Wesley Smith’s blog. Smith links to an article he recently published in the Human Life Review on “the unrepentant bigotry” against people with profound disabilities. Here are the closing paragraphs of the article: “Activists and their supporters who struggle against racism and other forms of discriminatory […]

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disability rights group opposes assisted suicide law in Massachusetts

Here is a link to a post by Wesley Smith discussing the efforts of disability rights organizations to oppose the assisted suicide initiative in Massachusetts. Smith notes: “Media like to portray assisted suicide opponents as primarily religious or pro life.  But the facts don’t fit that supposed story.  Disability rights advocates–who are mostly politically liberal […]

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Call for Papers on End of Life (March 30 deadline!)

Call For Papers and Presenters Honoring Patients’ Treatment Choices at the End of Life: New Tools, New Challenges, New Limits Hamline University School of Law, Saint Paul, MN, November 8-9, 2012 The Health Law Institute at Hamline University and the Hamline Law Review seek proposals for presentations and papers for our all-day fall CLE/CEU Symposium […]

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Wesley Smith post on euthanasia in Belgium

Here is a link to an interesting post by Wesley Smith on the further advance of euthanasia in Belgium. Richard m.

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Wesley Smith’s commentary on UK assisted suicide report

Here is a link to Wesley Smith’s insighful commentary on the recently issued report in the UK from the Commission on Assisted Dying.  Smith concludes that this report is further evidence that England “is undergoing a tragic slow motion moral collapse.” Richard M.

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Frank Zapatka on “The Other Room” by Zbigniew Herbert

Here are some relections from Frank Zapatka (Emeritus, American U.) on “The Other Room” by Zbigniew Herbert. Zbigniew Herbert (1924-1998) was a highly regarded Polish poet, dramatist, and essayist. Praised by Nobel Literature prize laureates, Czeslaw Milosz and Wislawa Szymborska, Herbert has been favorably compared to T.S. Eliot.  Among Herbert’s dramatic works is a play in […]