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Anscombe Centre Reports on Euthanasia

Here is a link to a short item in the National Right to Life News mentioning that the Anscombe Bioethics Centre has recently released three papers on euthanasia. The papers are by David Albert Jones, John Keown, and Mark Komrad. All three are of high quality and are strongly recommended. Jones’s paper is entitled “Defining […]


Peter Singer on Euthanasia and Mental Illness

Here is blog post by Alex Schadenberg on a recent article by Peter Singer on euthanasia and mental illness. Here is the concluding passage from Schadenberg’s post– “Euthanasia promoters, such as Singer ignore the reality that there is no proof that certain psychiatric conditions are untreatable and secondly, they ignore the fact that a symptom […]

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“Belgian euthanasia is broken”

Here is a link to a good article by Michael Cook describing a recently published study demonstrating flaws in the Belgian practice of euthanasia. The study, by Kasper Raus, Bert Vanderhaegen, and Sigrid Sterckx, was recently published in the Journal of Medicine and Philosophy. Here are some key findings, as summarized by Cook: “Yet the […]

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The Euthanasia Cancer Spreads”

Here is a link to a good piece by Wesley Smith documenting some of the disturbing trends concerning the legalization of euthanasia. Here is his conclusion: “Resisting assisted suicide and euthanasia isn’t about “winning,” but saving lives. So regardless of how things ultimately turn out, those of us who understand that hastening death corrupts medicine […]

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Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett

By a vote of 52-48, the US Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Barrett replaces Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died on September 18, 2020. Barrett adheres to the same judicial philosophy as Justice Antonin Scalia, for whom Barrett clerked in the late 1990s. As a […]

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“Solidarity vs. solitude: a meditation on euthanasia”

Here is a link to good essay by Michael Cook discussing the Vatican’s recent document on assisted suicide and euthanasia. In response to the trend towards legalization and acceptance of assisted suicide and euthanasia, the document (which is entitled Samaritanus Bonus) from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith sets forth a clear reaffirmation […]

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COVID Stories: Decisions to Treat and the Quality of Life”

Here is a link to a good essay by RJ Snell on the Michael Hickson case. Here is a key paragraph from the essay: “Behind the push for euthanasia, assisted suicide, “mercy killings,” and the refusal to treat Michael Hickson—refusing even to provide him hydration!—is a very basic, but utterly damning, philosophical mistake. Namely, no […]

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“Expanding Euthanasia during the Pandemic”

Here is a link to a good essay by Brian Bird. Bird states: “It seems particularly disturbing to imagine legalizing euthanasia in this moment, let alone expanding access to euthanasia if it is already legal. Even so, this is precisely what is underway in Canada.” Here is his conclusion: “Until recently, almost all of us […]

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“Assisted Suicide by Zoom”

Here is a link to a very good article by Wesley Smith discussing the risks of assisted suicide by Zoom. Here are his concluding thoughts: ” ‘Protective guidelines’ serve mainly to give a wary society a false sense of security about assisted suicide. But once we accept suicide as an acceptable answer to suffering caused by […]

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Margaret Somerville on withdrawing food and water

Here is a link to a good essay by Margaret Somerville on the complex ethical issues involved in withdrawing artificial nutrition and hydration.