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Carter v. Canada

Here are a couple of articles on today’s decision from the Supreme Court of Canada invalidating laws banning physician assisted suicide. The Court overruled its earlier decision in the Rodriguez case, which had rejected a constitutional challenge to such laws. I haven’t yet had a chance to read the decision. John Keown wrote […]

Quebec approves euthanasia

Here is LifeNews story reporting on Quebec’s recent approval of voluntary euthanasia. Here is a link to commentary by Wesley Smith, .  Richard M.

Euthanasia rates rise in Belgium and other statistics reports that euthanasia has increased in Belgium 26.8% in 2013.  This is after a 25% increase in 2012.  The article also includes statistics about unreported euthanasia and involuntary euthanasia.

American College of Pediatrics responds to Belgium’s child euthanasia reports, in “American College of Pediatricians Blasts Belgium for Legalizing Child Euthanasia,” on and posts the statement by the ACP critical of Belgium’s new euthanasia law which puts no lower limit on the age of euthanasia. The Netherland’s law allowing infant euthanasia is also considered. Physicians are healers not killers. An individual’s future quality of […]

Belgium’s euthanasia law and European pro-life movement

Belgium’s new law is most distressing not only because of the lost lives of the innocent children, but also, as Richard Stith points out, marks a new low in our devaluing the intrinsic life of each individual person.  As Archbishop Leonard, the primate of the Catholic Church in Belgium is quoted as warning in this […]

Wesley Smith on the expansion of euthanasia in Europe

Here is link to an item in the National Right to Life News by Wesley Smith in which he discusses his article in the May 2013 First Things (“Medicinal Murder”) on the expansion of euthanasia in Europe.  Here’s the conclusion of the National Right to Life post–“The collapse of morality in Belgium, the Netherlands, and […]