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important 4th Circuit argument today

The full United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit will be hearing oral argument today in Centro Tepeyac v. Montgomery County. The suit, filed by a crisis pregnancy center, challenges a Montgomery County law that forces such centers to notify women that the centers do not have a medical professional on staff and encouraging […]

4th Circuit will rehear important crisis pregnancy center/free speech cases

Back in June, I reported on two important decisions from the Fourth Circuit.   Those cases involved laws that require crisis pregnancy centers to post notices stating that the centers don’t have medical professionals on staff and encouraging women to consult with a licensed health care provider. In June, a panel of the Fourth Circuit held that these compelled speech laws […]

important decisions from the 4th Circuit in crisis pregnancy center cases

Yesterday, the 4th Circuit ruled (in 2-1 decisions) on 2 cases involving laws that compelled crisis pregnancy centers to engage in certain speech. Here are links to the decisions. and The court held that the compelled speech ordinances violated the First Amendement rights of the centers.  Among other things, the ordinances required the centers to […]

Neb Woman Sues for Medicaid Coverage of Unborn

A Nebraska woman who is not eligible for state medical assistance because of her immigration status has sued the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for denying coverage to her unborn child under SCHIPS. According to local news accounts: “Nebraska state government officials were sued in a similar case last year for cutting off […]

NYC Crisis Pregnancy Centers will not have to post signs for now

A federal court issued an order Wednesday that prohibits the city of New York from enforcing a new law while an Alliance Defense Fund lawsuit filed on behalf of two pregnancy care centers and a maternity home continues. The ordinance threatens non-medical, pro-life pregnancy services centers with heavy fines and possible closure if they don’t […]

Reproductive Rights Blog

In 2007, Caitlin E. Borgmann, another former Center for Reproductive Rights lawyer turned law professor, established the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog. The blog contains this description of its purpose and scope: Welcome to the Reproductive Rights Prof Blog, a member of the Law Professor Blogs network. This blog aims to provide resources, news, and information […]