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Contraception, health, and desire

Andrew Haines makes basically the same point apropos of Tollefson’s essay as I did the other day. And here’s just one more way of putting it that occurred to me this morning. I think it’s safe to say that we have a natural desire for health (and even a natural inclination to health – I […]

Speaking of the National Catholic Bioethics Center …

The new (Summer 2011) issue of their National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly arrived in my mailbox the other day. A few things of note from the contents: The “Colloquy” section includes an exchange of letters regarding an article in a previous NCBQ critical of philospher Fr. Martin Rhonheimer’s recent Vital Conflicts in Medical Ethics: A Virtue Approach to […]

One more post on the contraception-coverage mandate

Yesterday I linked Helen Alvaré’s comments on the recent Obama Admin decision. Here are a couple of additional pieces. One is political scientist Michael New’s “Our Fears Are Realized.” Prof. New has presented some of his research on the effects of abortion laws at a UFL conference. Another is by Greg Pfundstein: “The Misguided Birth-Control […]

The Obama Admin, contraception, and conscience

Rather belatedly adding my first post to the UFL blog, and following up on Richard Myers’s post just below, here are a couple of good recent pieces by Prof. Helen Alvaré – formerly of the USCCB, now of George Mason Univ. School of Law – regarding the Administration’s decision to require health insurers to cover […]

Call for Papers – Rethinking Feminism & the Law

Women’s Studies Center (Sponsored by UGC), ILS Law College, Pune in partnership with the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales and the Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney is pleased to announce the inaugural International Conference on Feminism and the Law: Revisiting the Past, Rethinking the Present & Thinking the Way Forward […]

A response to the prevalent campus hook-up culture

Here is an interesting development at Catholic University of America, noted in the Washington Times recently. This Fall, CUA will institute single-sex dorms in an attempt to foster a more wholesome environment for meaningful relations between the sexes:;email. Certainly, this is far preferable to the current alchohol-drenched milieu which prevails on too many campuses. The current environment inures […]