Europe Euthanasia

Belgian Jury Clears Doctors in Euthanasia Case

Here is a link to a blog post by Alex Schadenberg on the resolution of the prosecution of three doctors who assisted in the death of Tine Nys, whose family claimed she was euthanized in violation of the Belgian law.

Abortion Philosophy

“Four pro-life philosophers make the case against abortion”

Here is a link to a good article by John Conley in America magazine about a panel presentation at the annual conference of the American Philosophical Association. The panel was hosted by Jorge Garcia and featured talks by Celia Wolf-Devine, Anthony McCarthy, and Francis Beckwith. Here is Conley’s concluding paragraph: “The most compelling argument against […]

Abortion Constitutionality Down Syndrome abortions

DOJ Files Amicus Brief in Support of Ohio Law Prohibiting Abortions due to a Diagnosis of Down Syndrome

Here is a link to a press release from the US Department of Justice describing an amicus brief the DOJ filed earlier this week. The brief, filed with he US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, supports the constitutionality of Ohio’s law banning abortions due to a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

Abortion Constitutionality Feminism

“The Troubling Ideals at the Heart of Abortion Rights”

Here is a link to an excellent essay by Erika Bachiochi that was published today in The Atlantic.

Abortion Mental health

“Aborting the Wanted Child”

Here is a link to an essay by Paul Sullins describing his new study on abortion and mental health. (I mentioned this study in a recent post.)  Sullins focuses on the mental health implications of the abortions of wanted pregnancies.

Abortion Legislation

“I want abortion abolished, but direct challenges to Roe hurt our cause”

Here is an interesting op-ed by Teresa Collett (former president of University Faculty for Life). Collett discusses legislative proposals to significantly restrict abortion. She states: “While I share the supporters’ desire to protect all unborn children from abortion, these efforts will prove legally ineffective and politically harmful.”

Abortion Fetal pain

“Reconsidering fetal pain”

Here is a link to a story in the National Right to Life News about a  new paper on fetal pain. Here is a link to the paper, which was recently published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. Here is the abstract of the paper: “Fetal pain has long been a contentious issue, in large part because […]


“Historic first trial of euthanasia doctors begins in Belgium”

Here is a link to a good essay by Michael Cook on an important development in Belgium. For the first time since euthanasia was legalized in 2002, prosecutors have brought to trial doctors who killed a person under the shelter of the euthanasia law. In 2010, Tine Nys was killed pursuant to the Belgian law, […]

Abortion Constitutionality

47th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22, 2020

The 47th anniversary of the Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade is next week.  Here is a link to my article entitled “Re-Reading Roe v. Wade,” which was presented at Washington & Lee Law School at a 2013 conference organized by Sam Calhoun. Here is a link to an article by Clarke Forsythe entitled “A Draft […]

Abortion Mental health

Abortion and mental health

Here is a link to an important new study by Dr. Paul Sullins. Here is a bit from Dr. Sullins: “Almost all mainstream Western social science and medical associations assure us that ‘women who terminate an unwanted pregnancy by abortion experience no more mental health problems than women who deliver such a pregnancy’. These statements […]