federal judge holds Georgia’s heartbeat law unconstitutional

Here is a link to an October 1, 2019 decision by a federal judge in Georgia invalidating Georgia’s heartbeat law. This ruling is consistent with other decisions from around the country invalidating heartbeat laws, which prohibit abortion after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable.

federal judge upholds important provisions of Virginia’s abortion statute

Here is a link to a Lifenews story on a September 30, 2019 decision by United States District Judge Henry Hudson of the Eastern District of Virginia. Judge Hudson upheld the portions of the law that require an ultrasound, that impose a 24-hour waiting period, and that require that physicians perform abortions. The court also partially upheld the requirement that abortions be performed in hospitals.

“Human Embryos are Human Beings: a Scientific and Philosophical Case”

Here is a link to Patrick Lee’s essay discussing the book by Samuel and Maureen Condic. Here is a brief summary from Lee’s essay.

In Human Embryos, Human Beings, A Scientific and Philosophical Approach philosopher Samuel Condic and Neurobiologist Maureen Condic advance a careful and detailed case for the proposition that a human being comes to be at fertilization, and refute the main arguments to the contrary. Along the way they clarify the concepts of substance, substantial form, soul, organism, and final and formal causality.

US tells UN there is no international right to abortion

Here is a link to a statement by HHS Secretary Alex Azar. The statement, before a UN meeting on universal health coverage, stated forcefully that “there is no international right to an abortion.”

“Abortion front and center as new U.S. Supreme Court term nears”

Here is a link to a Reuters story by Lawrence Hurley about the prospect that the US Supreme Court will review an abortion case during its 2019-2020 Term.

US Abortion rate is Declining

Here is a link to a good article by Melanie Israel (Heritage Foundation) on the recent report from the Guttmacher Institute about the declining rates of abortion in the US.

Here is a link to Michael New’s excellent analysis of the Guttmacher report. Here is New’s concluding paragraph–

“With state legislatures nationwide enacting increasingly stronger protections for mothers and babies, many are anticipating that the U.S. Supreme Court may soon rule on an abortion case and could even soon restore legal protection to millions of unborn children. That said, it is impossible to say which cases the Supreme Court will decide to hear and how they will decide any given case.  That is why the long term decline in the U.S abortion rate is important.  The growing pro-life American majority has had a strong record of progress during the past 40 years and regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court rules on any future case — we have plenty of reasons to stay the course.”